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Virtual Desktop

You can access virtual desktops with a Windows operating systems from your iPad, Android or laptop. Your personal desktop environment, or workspace, is available to you. This allows me to work from anywhere, whether I’m at home or at the office. Access to my data, applications and files will be available from every device.

The evolution of workspaces has allowed us to access our digital world from anywhere and anytime, regardless of where we are located.

Virtualization of desktops has been viewed as a way to centrally manage security and minimize IT overhead.

This approach allows you to separate your operating system’s apps and data from your local hardware and runs them separately on a remote server.

It is expensive and difficult to create a desktop virtualization internal environment. It can take several weeks or even months to implement a local desktop virtualization environment. Users often lack the productivity experience.

Why not host platforms?

V2 Cloud

Small and medium-sized businesses can find it difficult and expensive to set up a cloud-based desktop network. V2 Cloud can help.

V2cloud is a desktop-as-a-service offering. You can securely access documents and business applications from any device.

It includes a multi-user operating system and Microsoft Office. All your business applications can be accessed by employees and consultants from anywhere, on any device, including a tablet, phone or computer.

V2 Cloud makes it easy to create a cloud version without writing any code. Instead of purchasing perpetual licenses, you can use the subscription-based model.

V2 Cloud offers a high-quality, secure desktop experience that is cost-effective and provides 24/7 technical support. You can have up to 250 members in your V2 cloud virtual desktop. They can also share files and apps with one another while they are having their session.

It secure hosts your Cloud computers so that they are always available and optimal. All data is automatically backed-up every day and you have full admin control. You, the administrator, can install any software and add as many users you wish. Users can log in to their workspace from any web browser. The data is never lost in the workspace and all information remains secure in the cloud.

Microsoft Active Directory can be used with the V2 Cloud. It supports multi-factor authentication via AD Connector. To use your corporate credentials and existing directory, you don’t have to duplicate them to V2 Cloud.

V2 Cloud has partnered up with OOH to provide desktops in multiple data centres around the globe.

  • Montreal
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Washington
  • London
  • Warsaw
  • Frankfurt
  • Portland


Kamatera is available for Windows 10 and Windows 8 desktops

You have the option to choose a custom mode, which allows you to host your server at any one of the 13 data centers. Kamatera is compatible with Linux, Windows, and other custom operating systems.

Because of the offerings below, they are the fastest cloud on Earth.

  • The fastest Intel Platinum 8270 processor
  • 40 Gbits Public and Private Networking Speed
  • Solid-State Drive Storage (SSD), storage for I/O bottlenecks
  • Servers with guaranteed dedicated resources
  • Cloud management console that is easy to use and deploys in just seconds


Start using your cloud computer in minutes with Shells. It’s useful for employees, students, creators, coders and everyone else who may need it.

Shell offers a secure, powerful desktop that you can access from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

You can unlock the full potential of your desktop computer’s performance, use it to create music tracks for television and code on your phones. Shell can be used on any device, as long as it is available in the cloud.

You can download, access, store and edit documents while on a train ride. Also, you can pick up items where they were left. Shell allows you to choose from a variety of operating systems, including Windows or Mac. The desktop version of MS Excel can be used on an iPad, or you can play PC games with your Android smartphone.

A virtual desktop also has the advantage that you won’t have to worry about data being lost due to a damaged or stolen device. Shell offers automatic backups and protects your data in cloud storage. Shell’s firewalls and encryption protect your data at all times.

Shell offers several plans that will allow you to upgrade your system, allowing you to save time, money, and effort. You can convert your existing systems to a cloud computer, and then update its features in one click.

You can get your cloud computer for as low as $4.95 and a seven-day money-back guarantee.

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Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon workspaces are a DaaS solution (Desktop as a Service). It’s a secure managed cloud desktop that allows users to access documents and other resources from any device.

In minutes, you can create Windows or Linux desktops. This allows you to fulfill the promise of “bring my device” and simplifies testing and development. Amazon workspaces improve your security because the data is sent to your devices in encrypted format. It is not stored locally. This allows you to cut costs and simplify your life by removing the need for building infrastructure on-premises to support legacy VDI deployments.

Amazon WAM (Workplace Application Manager) allows you to deploy and manage your apps on Amazon workplace quickly, securely, and with greater flexibility. It manages all updates, patches and removals of apps from the virtual system. It can quickly provide desktop applications to your virtualized systems as containers. This is how Amazon Workplace App Manager interface looks:

Amazon Workspaces makes it possible to save money on laptops and desktops. Cloud desktops can be accessed on-demand for your users. This allows you to reduce the cost by a significant margin.

Amazon Workspace handles all administrative tasks such as provisioning, maintaining and recycling desktops. Amazon Workspace can be accessed from all Windows or Mac computers, iPads and Android tablets as well as Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Microsoft Azure

Windows virtual desktop by Microsoft Azure provides a great cloud solution for desktop virtualization. It can be accessed from all your devices. It supports native client support for Windows and Android as well as HTML5 to allow you to access remote desktops or apps for nearly any modern browser.

You get a remote desktop infrastructure with all the roles you would normally have to manage. You have unlimited capacity and all your VMs can communicate with each other via the Windows Virtual Desktop Service. It also allows you to choose how users can be distributed across VMS based on their workload.

It supports modern apps such as OneNote or Office 365. It can be used to deploy remote apps or a complete desktop. You pay only per use.

Multiple users can be assigned to a single VM by using a client OS and not a server OS. Windows Virtual desktop is unique in that it does away with the traditional one-user per VM model and offers a multi-session Windows 10 experience.

You can also load balance users from virtual machine host pool. Breath mode can be configured to optimize performance. It allocates users evenly across the host pool to your workload. You can also use pre-built Azure resource managers templates to automatically create and update host polls.

The combination of Microsoft’s virtual machine infrastructure and unlimited OneDrive storage makes it fast and endless.

Windows 7 desktops have the unique advantage that you can run them in the cloud up to three years, without needing to pay for additional security updates beyond January 14, 2020. You can also migrate an existing RDS.


I hope you find the above information helpful in choosing the right virtual desktop hosting provider for your needs. You can make smart decisions to use the platforms mentioned above when you are on the move with your employees.

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