How to Add Lock Screen Message on Android Phone

Lock Screen Message

Phones are often lost or stolen, and a effective way to prepare for the possibility of losing your phone is to add your contact information in the Lock Screen of an Android Phone to ensure any person who discovers your phone is able to reach you. The following are the steps for adding the Lock Screen messages to your Android Phone.

Make a Lock Screen Message Available On Android 6.0 or newer phones

As previously mentioned the most frequent reason to add the Lock Screen Message on Android Phone is to display your phone number address, Email Address or Contact Information on the Lock Screen to ensure that any person who stumbles across your phone can contact you.

Additionally, there are those who prefer to personalize their phones by adding customized messages, reminders, or lines from poems or inspirational quotes on their Lock Screen of their Android Phone.

Whatever the reason, comply with the instructions below for adding the Lock Screen Message of any kind to the Android Phone running Android 6.0 and later versions of Android Operating System.

1. Open Settings on your Android phone or tablet.

2. On the Settings screen, select security Option (See the image below).

3. On the Security screen, scroll down , and tap the Lock Screen Message option located in the “Device Security” section (See the image below)

4. On the pop-up window, type in your preferred Lock Screen Message and then click Save. (See the image below).

5. Next, Lock your Android Phone by pressing the power button.

You should be able to view your custom Message within your Security Screen on Your Android Phone.

Make a message for the The Lock Screen of Android Lollipop and Older Phones

The option to add a message to the Lock Screen is not accessible on Android phones running Android Lollipop or older versions of the Android Operating system.

But, you are able to add a Message to the Lock Screen on older Android phones by following the instructions in the following.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android Phone or Tablet

2. On the Settings screen, click on the Lock Screen & Security (or Security) option, which is under the “Personal” area (See the image below)

3. On the next screen, tap Show Information.

4. On the Show Information screen, tap Owner Information.

5. On the pop-up you can type in the message you wish to show to your screen of the Lock Screen in the Android Phone and tap on OK.

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