How to Disable Two-Sided Printing On Mac

Disable Two-Sided Printing

Disable Two-Sided Printing -Two-sided printing is enabled in default mode on Mac for printers that are supported. This means that all print jobs may end up printed on two sides, in the event that you do not switch off printing with two sides when you install Mac.

Disable Two-Sided Printing on Mac

As stated above the default behavior of macOS has to enable two-sided printing when the printer that supports Duplex Mode is connected to Mac. Mac.

However, not all documents can be printed on two sides. In fact, the majority of everyday use documents like college or school essays, homework and resumes, tickets to the airport and a myriad of other documents typically need to print on only one side.

Although it is simple to disable the “Two-Sided” option before printing documents, many users do not remember this, and end up with papers printed with both sides which isn’t the way they intended.

Thus, you’re better off removing two-sided printing on Mac to reduce the chance of toner, paper, and time being wasted when you print the documents two times.

To disable the printing of two sides on Mac it is necessary first enable CUPS (Common Unix Printing Systems) Browser Interface on your Mac. When you’re capable of accessing the CUPS browser interface, you will be in a position to make the necessary adjustments to disable two-sided printing in your Mac.

Enable CUPS Browser Interface

As previously mentioned, the printing configuration in Mac is dependent on CUPS which is an open-source modular printing system designed by Apple for Unix platforms. CUPS interface is deactivated as a default feature in macOS.

Follow the instructions below to enable CUPS browser for your Mac.

1. Make sure that you’re logged in to your Administrator Account on your Mac.

2. Click on the Finder icon that is found in the Task-bar of your Mac (See the image below).

3. In the Finder Window Click first on Applications in the side-menu , then scroll down until you select the Utilities Folder (See image below)

4. In the Utilities Folder Click on (See the image below).

5. In the Terminal Window enter your command: sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes , and press enter to the keyboard on your Mac

When this command is completed successfully, you’ll be able access CUPS from any browser you want on your Mac.

Steps to Disable Two-sided Printing on Mac

Once you’ve enabled CUPS interface on your Mac Follow this guideline to go to CUPS Settings page to then disable 2-sided printing from your Mac.

1. Open Safari browser on your Mac.

2. Go to http://localhost:631 It will bring you to the CUPS Setting Page.

NOTE: Although you are accessing the CUPS Settings page through browser however, the page itself isn’t live. The information you see is right on your desktop.

3. When prompted, enter the Username and Password that you usually use to log in on your Mac.

4. On the CUPS settings page select the Printers tab on the menu bar at the top (See the image below).

5. You will see the printers listed. Click on the Printer which you wish to alter the printing settings.

6. On the printer’s configuration page. Click the down-arrow in front of “Administration” and then click on the option to set Default Options in the drop-down menu (See below for an image).

7. On the next screen, click the Administration Tab, then click Printing, and finally change the Duplex the Printing Mode in Off position (See below for an example).

In some printers, that support Duplex printing, the Mode option can be found in General Settings (See the image below)

8. Next, Click on the button to set the Default Options link to store your modifications.

Close your browser and try at printing any file. You’ll notice that the two-sided printing is disabled as a default feature on the Mac.

In the future, you’ll no longer have those painful moments of having to throw away two-sided printing jobs and printing them over and over. Additionally, you’ll be capable of printing on both sides should you wish to.

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