How to Find Parked Car Using Apple Maps on iPhone

Find Parked Car Using Apple Maps

Maps App on iPhone Maps App on iPhone can identify exactly where you have Parked Car. Below are the steps needed to enable “Parked Car Location” feature on iPhone and find your Parked car using Apple Maps.

Locate Parked Car Using Apple Maps on iPhone

Its “Show Parked Car Location” feature of Apple Maps makes use of Bluetooth technology to identify precisely where you have Parked Car and it can give directions to the location in the Parked Car.

All you need to do to utilize this feature is to connect your iPhone and your Bluetooth System of the Car. This feature is available regardless of whether your car doesn’t support Apple Play.

If your vehicle does not allow Bluetooth it is possible to consider installing Bluetooth to your vehicle by purchasing an easy installation Bluetooth Car Kit (anywhere between $35 and $45).

How Does iPhone Locate Parked Car?

When the iPhone is linked to the car’s Bluetooth System, it automatically connects to the Car’s Bluetooth System, whenever you arrive in the car and turn on the Bluetooth System.

If you arrive at your destination, and then turn off the car, iPhone gets disconnected from the Bluetooth system in your car. In this case, iPhone automatically marks the exact location of your car an Parked Car Marker.

If you return to your Car and turn it on, iPhone gets connected to the Bluetooth System on your Car and takes away from the Parked Car Marker.

Step 1. Enable Parked Car Reminder On iPhone

The Parked Car Reminder feature is turned on as a default feature on iPhone You can verify it by going to Settings > Maps and making sure that the toggle on the right side of Show Parked Location is set to ON.

In the event that “Show Parked Location” option is grayed out or not available in your phone, head there: Settings and Privacy, then Location Services. Significant Locations > System Services and then move the toggle on the right side of Significant Locations to an the ON position.

Then, go into Settings > Maps, scroll all the way to the bottom and then move on the switch in the direction of Show Parked Location to ON setting.

Following this you have done this, your iPhone will be able to remember the exact place that you Parked Car.

Step 2. Pair your iPhone with the Car

After you have enabled the Parked Car Reminder on your iPhone The next step is to connect your iPhone and Bluetooth System on your Car. Bluetooth System on your Car. This can be accomplished in either of the methods.

Turn to the Car and then press the Menu button and then select the option Phone on the Multi-media display in the car.

Next, click on the Add Device option and then choose your iPhone.

Now you should be able to see Bluetooth Connecting Request On your iPhone Select the option to pair your iPhone to the car’s Bluetooth system.

Another way to connect your iPhone and Car is to switch on the Car and then on the iPhone navigate to Settings >> Bluetooth and choose your Car from the “My Devices” section.

Notice: Parked Car Reminder is only available in the event that Bluetooth is turned on within your device (Settings > Bluetooth Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth).

How to Find Parked Car Using Apple Maps

To locate your Parked Car Open Google Maps App to your iPhone and enter Parked Car within the search box, then select your Parked Car from the search results.

The next screen, you’ll be able to see the exact whereabouts that you Parked Car in Apple Maps.

If you require assistance For assistance, go to Directions, then click on Go and follow the directions for your car.

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