How to Record Google Meet on Phone with Audio? All you need to Know

Record Google Meet

Therefore, if you’d like to learn the best way to record Google Meet on phone with audio for later reference We’ve have you covered! In the wake of the epidemic and lockdowns, people around the globe are required to utilize technology in every aspect of their lives. Video conferencing applications like Google Meet have connected with families and friends, and also take part in office meetings.

Google Meet is a popular application that allows up to 100 people to attend the group at once. It also lets you keep a record of the meeting. In the past there was a limit on who could record meetings. But, the app now lets all participants take notes of the meetings. In this article we present two methods of recording meetings quickly and easily.

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How to record Google Meet on phone with audio?

Use these instructions to record your call on a cell phone.

  • First, you must set it to cloud recording. If it’s set for local recording, then you won’t be able to see any Record Meeting button.
  • Begin a meeting via your mobile.
  • Click the More icon on the lower toolbar to record the Meeting.
  • Tap the More icon on the lower toolbar, and then stop the recording in case you wish to pause or end the recording.
  • To view the recorded meeting For a look at the meeting recording, click on Your Meeting History tab once the session has concluded.

To record the meeting onto your laptop take these steps.

  • Install third-party apps, such as OBS.
  • Start the app
  • From the Source section, click on Google Meet app or the Google Meet app or the Google Chrome option
  • Make sure you check your preview using a stretcher according to your needs.
  • After you’ve finished making adjustments to the window, click the button to start recording that is accessible under the control menu.
  • Click this button in order to end recording the meeting.

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How do I enable the option to record?

It is necessary to be able to Google Drive set up for your business to record google meet. Google Workspace administrators can enable this feature from the administrator’s console. If you are an administrator with Google administrator, then you are able to let the participants in this meeting the ability to film the meeting.

The recording function is only available in certain editions, such as

This option is only available to certain editions, such as:

  • Business Standards
  • Essentials
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Fundamentals, with a teacher’s license
  • Education Plus, with an instructor or student license

Normal accounts are not able to record or make video calls through Google Meet.

That’s how you record Google meet on your phone with the audio to save for later use.

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