How to Reduce Data Usage by Apple Music on iPhone

Data Usage

If you’re on an account with a limit on data, it is essential to control how much data that is used to stream and download music from your iPhone. Below are steps to limit the amount of data used from Apple Music on iPhone.

Reduce the use of data through Apple Music on iPhone

With an unlimited data plan you’ll be in a position to stream all of the fifty million tracks which Apple Music has in its library at any moment using your iPhone.

But, the majority of users are on a limited data plan, and exceeding the limit of data can be costly.

So, you’re better off checking the data usage for the iPhone and taking advantage of the advice listed below to reduce Cellular Data usage by Apple Music on your iPhone.

1. Disable Cellular Data to stream Apple Music

If you’re a subscriber of an Apple Music subscription, you can download music, albums, or playlists to listen offline from your iPhone.

To get the best data savings it is essential to start downloading music via the WiFi Network rather than streaming Apple music through costly Cellular data.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone scroll to the bottom and click on Music.

2. On the Music screen, tap Cellular Data (Mobile Data in UK)

3. On the next screen, you can disable the cell data to enable Music Streaming in your iPhone by shifting the toggle next to Streaming to the OFF position.

NOTE: After this setting is set, you’ll be able to play Apple Music on your iPhone only when connected to the WiFi network.

2. Disable Cellular Data to Update Music Library

Even if you disable Cellular Data for Streaming Apple Music can still use the expensive data from your cell phone to update your music library and loading artwork.

To stop this from happening you must visit Settings, then Music. Cellular Data and move the toggle close the Cellular Data to OFF position.

3. Turn off High-Quality Streaming

It is estimated that the amount of information utilized in Apple Music varies based on the quality of streaming determined by your iPhone.

It is possible to make significant savings in data usage by turning off High Quality Streaming when using Cellular Data on iPhone.

Navigate to the Settings menu > Music, Cellular Data. Then switch the toggle next to High Quality Streaming to the OFF position.

4. Enable Cellular Data to Music Downloads

Follow the steps below to stop the iPhone not to make use of your costly Mobile as well as Cellular data to download Music.

Navigate to the Settings menu, Music and Cellular Data and move the toggle next to Downloads into the Off.

5. Turn off Automatic Downloads

If you purchase music from iTunes on your computers Your iPhone could be downloading your purchases with Cellular data.

Therefore take the steps below to disable the option for Automated Music downloading on your iPhone.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on your Apple ID.

2. On the Apple ID screen, click on iTunes & App Store.

3. On the next screen, you can disable Automatic downloading for Music App by switching the toggle following Music to the off position.

Once you have set this option you will notice that your iPhone will only download purchases when it is connected to an WiFi Network.

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