How to Reverse Image Search on Google

Reverse Image Search

Popular web browsers such as Google, Bing and others can be used to determine the source of the image or photograph through the Reverse Image Search.

What exactly is Reverse Image Search?

The majority of people look for information online by typing in a relevant phrase, keyword or a short sentence in the bar for search on Google, Bing and other web browsers.

Browsers can also conduct an Image search and show relevant results for searches, provided that they have the URL of the photo or image.

Utilizing an image or photograph to search for information via the internet instead of using an actual word or phrase , is referred to in the field of “Reverse Image Search”.

Who is the User of Reverse Image Search?

The most popular quote is “A Photo is worth a thousand words” Fake News websites and toxic Social Media pages often misuse Photos and Images to communicate misleading information.

This has led to a demand to market Fact Finding websites, which utilize Reverse Image Search to debunk the lies, falsehoods or half-truths which are being disseminated via the internet.

Conducting an Reverse Image Search will lead you to the origin of the picture. It will also provide the possibility of accessing other websites on which the image was previously used.

The information is then analyzed by trained experts who work on Fact finding websites that can provide an accurate report on an online post that is viral or an article posted on websites that are deceitful or in fact propagating falsehoods.

1. reverse image searches for both PC and Mac with Google

Image Search from Google Image Search works best on computers that are laptop or desktop and can be used regardless of the Web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) on your personal computer.

1. Open the web browser on your PC.

2. Visit the website or the social media site where the image is.

3. Right-click on the Image and select the Copy Image Address.

4. Go to in a new browser tab, and then click on the Images link that is located in the upper-right corner.

5. Next, click on the Camera icon within the Search Bar.

6. On the pop-up you can paste in into the pop-up Image URL (that you copied in step 3) and click on the Search for images button.

In the results of a search there are all the websites, which includes the website that originally hosted the image first appeared.

The majority of the time the information gleaned from reverse image searches can provide enough evidence and logic to discredit or denounce the validity of a story or social media page that is trying to spread false information.

2. reverse Image Search on iPhone using Google

As Google’s image search functions best when you are on a desktop and you’ll need to use its desktop edition of Google for reverse image searches with your iPhone.

1. Open Safari browser and then go to the site which the image you are looking for is.

2. Tap and Hold on the Image and choose the option to copy from the menu that pops up.

3. Open a new browser tab, and then go to

4. Once you are on Google then tap on the AA letters , then select the Request Desktop Website option.

5. On the Desktop website, click on the Camera icon to start Google Image search.

6. On the pop-up paste your URL for the picture (that that you copy in step 2) and then tap the Search for images option.

It will appear in Google Image Search results, which include both the original image as well as other websites that have published the particular image.

3. Google Reverse Image Search for Android Phone using Google

Similar to that, you can do the Reverse Image Search with Android Phone using Google Image search feature.

1. Open Google Chrome and then go to the website or social media page on which the image is.

2. Tap & Hold on the Image and then click the Open Image in a new tab.

3. Copy the URL of the image in your new tab.

4. Open a new browser tab, and then go to

5. Once you are on Google then tap on the three dots menu icon and choose the Request Desktop Site option.

6. On the Desktop website, click on the Camera icon to start Google Image search.

7. On the pop-up paste an URL to the photo (that that you copy in step #2) and then tap the Search by image.

This will take you to results from a search engine of the picture, which include the site that first published the image.

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