How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Transfer Photos

Here are two options to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad If you’re trying to reduce storage on the iPhone by moving photos onto another Apple Device.

Transfer photos of iPhone to iPad

The majority of users use iPhone to take photos, but eventually have to transfer photos to iPad or iPhone onto iPad and directly from iPhone onto Mac due to the absence of storage space on the iPhone.

After the Photos have been transferred to an iPad or Mac After that, you can erase the photos on your iPhone and regain storage space for shooting more pictures.

As we mentioned earlier There are two straightforward ways to transfer images between iPhone on to iPad and you are able to choose the method that meets your needs.

1. Move Photos From iPhone to iPad by using AirDrop

The easiest method of moving Photos to iPhone and onto iPad can be done wirelessly by using Apple’s AirDrop feature.

To AirDrop photos directly from iPhone on to iPad, Bluetooth needs to be enabled on both devices and you must be logged in to your Apple Account on both devices.

Step#1. Turn on AirDrop

Allow AirDrop on your iPhone as well as iPad by opening Settings > General AirDrop > choose Everyone.

Step#2. AirDrop photos on iPhone to iPad

Open the Photos App on your iPhone Click on Albums tab , then open the album that contains photos.

The next page will you can select photos you wish to transfer and click the Share icon that is located in lower menu.

Next, click to select the Device Name that you wish to send images.

Notice: If you do not locate your device then tap the AirDrop option and then choose your iPad.

Step#3. Send Photos to iPad

When you log into your iPad you’ll be presented with an AirDrop pop-up. Tap on Accept to accept photos from your iPhone. When you tap Accept and you will see photos taken from your iPhone showing up onto your device.

2. The iPhone can be synchronized with the iPad’s photos. using Photo Stream

Another method to transfer photos on iPhone and iPhone to iPad is to turn on the upload to my photo stream on both devices. This will automatically make iPhone Photos accessible on iPad.

This method allows you to transfer up to 1000 photos onto your iPad that you took using your iPhone within the period of 30 days.

Step#1. Log in to your Apple ID

Open Settings , then Login to iPhone with the Apple ID and Password. Also, sign-in to iPad with that same Apple ID and Password.

Step#2. Set up the Photo Stream

Next step: enable the Photo Stream feature on the iPhone and this will result in iPhone Photos being uploaded automatically to iCloud.

Go to Settings > Settings Apple ID > Photos and switch the toggle next to Upload My Photo Stream to the ON.

Also, you can enable the Photo Streaming similarly on iPad through settings > Apple ID > Pictures > Enable Upload to My Photos Stream.

Step#3. Access Photos to iPad

For access to Photos on the iPad, simply open the Photos App , tap the album tab on the bottom bar Scroll down, and then tap Imports.

The Photos appear in this Album are photos taken via iPad as well as different Apple Devices using a common Apple ID.

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