How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you’re searching for a way to back up or transfer photos from iPhone to Mac computer Below, you can find 3 ways to transfer Pictures from iPhone to Mac.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

The most commonly used method of bulk transferring Photos of iPhone and iPad on to Mac is to connect your device into Mac and then use the Import feature that is available in the Photos App for Mac.

Alongside Photos App, there are other apps like Image Capture and Preview App which are able to transfer all photos on iPhone into Mac.

1. Move Photos taken on iPhone to Mac using Photos App

As previously mentioned, the Photos App is the most popular and preferred method to transfer photos From iPhone to Mac.

1. Connect iPhone to Mac If you are asked then input your Passcode in order to unblock your iPhone.

2. Open the Photos app to your Mac (if it’s not open already).

3. Once you are in Photos, you can select your iPhone under the “Devices” section, and then click to the Down Arrow next to “Import to” entry.

Notification: You can launch Photos App from LaunchPad and from the Applications Folder.

4. On the pop-up you will see New Album Click on the Name field, then enter a name for the new Photo Album and then click Create.

5. On the next screen, you can select to import All to import all or select manually photos and click the Import Selected option.

6. Wait for Photos to be transferred from your iPhone to the new Foto Album that you have on the Mac (Desktop).

2. Import photos directly from iPhone to Mac by using Image Capture

Another method of importing iPhone Photos onto your Mac is using an Image Capture Utility as available on your Mac.

1. Connect iPhone to Mac and when you are asked to do so, unlock your iPhone by entering the Lock Screen Passcode.

2. Open Image Capture application on your Mac by using LaunchPad or via the Applications Folder.

3. In Image Capture Select your iPhone under the “Devices” section. Then click at the Down Arrow next to “Import to” and then select the location (Desktop or Downloads.) to import Photos in your Mac.

NOTE: By default, Image Capture copies photos onto your Pictures Folder within your Mac.

4. After selecting Location Click on Download All button in order to download all images from your iPhone onto Mac.

The copied iPhone Photos are accessible in your Mac in a folder named after the model of your iPhone.

Notice: If you do not wish to download all photos, choose Photos manually, then click the button to download.

The Photos you have selected will be displayed in a folder Named following your iPhone on your Desktop.

3. Import photos directly from iPhone to Mac using the Preview app

An easy method of transferring Photos to iPhone on to Mac is using the Preview app which is accessible in your Mac.

1. Connect iPhone to Mac and then enter your Passcode for unlocking your iPhone.

2. Open the Preview Application on your Mac with LauchPad.

3. Click on the File tab at the top of the menu bar, then choose the Import option from your iPhone option.

4. If you see the pop-up message “Photos cannot be imported” …”, click”OK” to exit the window.

5. On the next screen, you can select photos manually or choose the Edit option on the top menu bar and then select Select All to choose All iPhone Photos.

Tips: Press Command + I to remove all Photos.

6. Once the Photos are chosen, click”Import.

7. On the next screen, select the location to import Photos onto your Mac and then click Choose Destination.

The selected photos will take a while to transfer to iPhone into Mac.

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