How to Use imo Without Phone Number or SIM

Use imo Without Phone Number

In general, imo demands you to verify your account using an incoming phone number. It is however possible to use imo without phone number or Sim card in the event that you wish to do so for reasons of your own.

Use imo Without Phone Number or SIM

Similar to WhatsApp Imo is another popular app that lets users to send messages via text in addition to making Voice and Video calls to loved ones and friends without cost regardless of where they reside.

This article we will be offering three (three) different ways to make use of imo with no telephone number and SIM Card. You can review all of the options and select the one you find the most suitable for you.

Before proceeding to the steps for using imo without a phone number and SIM Card be sure you’ve read the prerequisites below for using imo without a phone number or SIM card.

  • Download the imo App on your Tablet or Phone in the event that you haven’t done it.
  • Check to see if you haven’t verified your account with imo yet.
  • If you’ve already verified your imo number, remove the current number from imo by uninstalling the application and reinstalling it.

After the imo App has been installed and downloaded on your phone The only thing left is to confirm your imo account with any of the methods listed below.

Use TextNow to Verify Imo Without Phone Number (Method #1)

As the requirement for a phone number is for verification of your account with imo You can make use of a cost-free App known as TextNow to get a no-cost phone number. When you receive a no-cost number through Text Now, you can utilize this number to verify your imo account.

1. Download TextNow onto your device

Android device owners can download TextNow via the Google Play Store, while iOS device owners can download the App via the App Store.

2. Open TextNow app and Create Free Phone Number

Once the TextNow App has been downloaded to your device, you can open TextNow to follow on-screen directions to register a free phone number using the TextNow application.

3. Open TextNow, and note down your number

After you have registered the free TextNow Phone Number, open the app and then tap the 3-line icon located in the upper left corner on your screen.

When the slide-over menu appears, write down your TextNow number. (See below for an example)

4. Verify imo Account Using Free TextNow Number

After you have obtained your phone number for free through TextNow follow the steps below to confirm your imo account by using your personal TextNow Telephone Number.

4.1. Open the imo application for either your iPhone or android phone.

4.2. Next select your country and enter your personal TextNow Phone number and then click Next to continue this verification.

4.3. You will receive a text message of TextNow to your mobile with the verification code for your IMO (See below for an image)

If you don’t receive a message from TextNow then launch the TextNow application and you will be able to view an email from imo containing the verification code.

NOTE: If there is no message from IMO and you are waiting for about one minute for imo call your TextNow number and give you the verification Code.

4.4. Now start the imo application (in the event that it’s not yet running) and then enter the Verification code you received from TextNow (See the image below)

4.5. Next follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup for your device’s imo.

Once your imo account has been verified, you’re ready to make free video and voice calls to family and friends!

Use Textfree to Verify imo Without Phone Number (Method #2)

An additional App which you could utilize to obtain a no-cost Phone Number is “Textfree” and this App is free to download on the Google Play Store and also on the App Store.

1. Download Textfree App

Android users have the option of downloading Textfree through Google Play Store. Google Play Store, while iOS device owners can download this no-cost App via the App Store.

2. Set up Textfree App

Once you’ve downloaded the Textfree application, launch the app and follow the steps 2.1 through 2.6 below to finish the setup process to install the app.

2.1. When the Textfree App opens, click on the sign up button (See the image below)

2.2. On the next screen, you can either select Allow Location Permission or click on the Enter Zip Code Instead choice and then enter an Zip Code on the screen following.

Notification: In case you are outside North America, you can input ANY North American Postal code to follow the process of setting up.

2.3. On the next screen, type the area code (in case it’s not there) and then select any phone number from the drop-down list (See below for an example)

2.4. Once you’ve chosen a phone Number, click on the button to select this number (See the image above).

2.5. On the next screen, type the email you used to sign up with, then enter your password and then click the Create Account button to complete setting Your Textfree Account.

Now, you’ve successfully completed the set-up process for Textfree and have received a no-cost phone number that you can utilize to confirm your IMO Account.

3. Make a note of your textfree number

If you haven’t record the Textfree Number, you can note it down by opening the Textfree application and writing the Textfree Telephone Number. It’s located at the top of the screen.

4. Verify imo Account Using Textfree Phone Number

It is the next stage to utilize your TextFree Number to confirm the imo Account. Follow the steps 4.1 through 4.5 below.

4.1. Open the imo app in your phone.

4.2. Next select your country, after which you enter your Textfree number you written down in step 3. (See the image below)

4.3. Now just wait around 1 minute for the verification message to not succeed. After one minute, it will contact your Textfree number that you given.

4.4. After one minute, you can open the Textfree application and respond to the phone call you’ll receive from Textfree.

4.5. An automated message that repeats your imo verification code will be played over and over. Keep a note of your verification number.

4.6. Next start the imo application and type in the verification code you received from imo through Textfree during Step 4.5 above.

4.7. Follow the next set of instructions to finish the setting process for the imo.

Following this, you’ll be able make free Video and Voice Calls to all one of your Friends and family members via the imo.

Verify imo Account Using Landline Phone Number (Method #3)

Another way to use imo without phone number (or SIM) is to utilize the Landline phone number to confirm that your account is in fact legitimate.

1. Open the imo app on your iPhone or Android Phone.

2. Next, choose the country you reside in, then enter your landline number , and press Next (See the image below).

3. Once you tap on the next button the imo will attempt to send text messages directly to you Landline Number. Since your Landline isn’t able to receive text messages this verification method fails, and imo will contact your Landline phone number.

4. After a minute Imo will then call your Landline phone number. If you answer the phone and you’ll receive an automatic message by imo , containing the verification code. Write down the verification code with paper and a pen.

5. Now, open the imo application (in case it’s not running) to enter the verification number that you received by imo to the Landline Number.

6. Next, follow the next set of instructions to finish the setup process for your Imo account.

We hope you were capable of using any of the three options above to access imo without a the number of your phone or SIM on your device.

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