8 Online Port Scanners to Find Opened Ports on Server and IP

Online Port Scanners

You don’t need to worry if your web apps are hosted on a managed or shared server. For dedicated VPS servers, however, it is important to protect your server. It is bad idea to open unwanted port scanner; an attacker can profit from it in many ways.

These FREE online tools will allow you to see which ports have been opened and can be used to block or review them.

Note that may not provide the correct information if it is running a port scan of your website DNS.

TCP Port Scan for Nmap

Pentest Tools Check open ports with NMAP on the target host.

The light version scans for 100 top ports and a single IP. If you do a full scan, you can scan all 65 535 ports, detect OS, and traceroute. You can also export scan results if necessary.

Online Port Scanners

This tool is Javier Yanez’s personal project. It scans ports for IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.

Port Scan by the T1 Shopper

You can scan the range of ports listening on server IP. T1 can be used to scan targeted ports.

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Hacker Target – Port Scanners

Hacker Target allows you to perform a quick scan using most standard following 10 ports with a hosted NMAP scanner port scanners.

  • FTP
  • SSH
  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • RDP
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMB
  • Telnet

You can also get the following features in the premium version.

  • All ports can be scanned
  • Check out subnet
  • Schedule a scan every day and be notified of any changes

DNS Tools – Port Scanners

You can quickly scan the ports for FTP, SMTP and DNS. Through DNS Tools.


testing is available for a single port or by purchasing a package. You will need to sign up for their service to scan the custom range.

The package is simply a collection of relevant ports.

  • Basic – HTTP, POP3, MySQL, etc
  • Web – cPanel, DNS, WHOIS, TrelliSoft, TFTP, etc
  • Games – Call of Duty and Second Life, Xbox, Minecraft, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc
  • Malicious – Metaspoilt and Bagle virus, W32 and etc

Web Port Scanners

Another scanner is available to verify common ports.


The tools I have mentioned above should help you find open ports on your IP or domain. The limitations of most web tools are not ideal. I recommend the software described here. Nmap is a great tool for scanning ports. If you want to know more, check out this amazing network security course.

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