Power Bank App Real or Fake? Everything you Should Know

Power Bank App

Are you sure that the Power Bank app genuine or fake? What can this app do to assist in earning money? Find out more! Many are suffering from losing jobs because of the COVID 19 situation. In these difficult times, the media coverage for The Power Bank Earning App is increasing in leaps and bounds. This app lets you invest at home and earn decently.

Is this a app that earns you money from your power bank?

The Power Bank app was launched in December 20, 2020.

It’s an online earning application and the website is titled”Power Banking Earning App.

The owner of the app’s power bank of the app will be Ramani Iyer, who is a JustDial co-founder and creates an online power bank rental service.

You can put money into the app using the app and perform routine tasks to generate high returns on your investment.

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Power bank app details

After examining the site and other online platforms with details about the Power Bank Earning Application, it’s clear that the app’s owner uses crowd investing as a business model. The app encourages users to invest in small amounts and then invest the majority sum in other companies (like Share Market, Forex, Online Trading, etc. ) that are unnoticed by users. The earnings from these companies is then distributed to the users as a reward of their investment via the Power Bank App.

The proprietor of the Power Bank Earning App claims that they sell charging cabinets for power banks that are available for lease on the marketplace for sale to the public. Prices for charging cabinets ranges between 300 to Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,50,000.

The first step is to download the application on their mobile device to purchase cabinets. Prior to purchasing, users must pay for the amount by using various payment options such as “RazorPay” etc.

After recharging at a certain amount has been accomplished then the customer can purchase the cabinets for the price that they prefer. If you do not recharge, you are unable to purchase the cabinet. Once the process is completed users will be able to view their income per hour in “Total Assets”.

There are however some purchasing limits, for instance you can purchase Rs. 300 cabinet just once. However, you can purchase Rs. 600 cabinets six times or the price is Rs. 15000 cabinets 15 times, etc. After the user has bought the cabinet/s The Power Bank App pays you an hourly profit rate of 24 hours, based on the cabinet’s price.

Imagine you bought a the Rs. 15000 cabinet, and the app will pay you the amount of Rs. 30/hour. In 24 hours, you’ll earn Rs. 720 (Rs. 30 x 24 hours) plus Rs. 129 (18 percent withdrawal fees) (i.e. Rs. 591 per day). In the course of 26 days, the amount you invested increases to the amount of Rs. 15366. Even if you’ve received your entire investment within 26 days, you’ll still be earning an average of Rs. 59/day over the course of 11 months. This will be your return.

The profit can be withdrawn directly into the account in the bank, but the amount to withdraw is not less than 150 rupees. Sounds fishy!

Power Bank App Real Or Fake?

The drawbacks of this application are

  • Poorly designed app, which displays inaccurate information about money at times
  • No details about the owner of the business
  • The registration details are not available
  • There is no plan of action that is specific.
  • No direct contact details like email ID, address, phone number, social media pages, etc. readily available
  • The withdrawal fee of 18% is way too high
  • Sometimes , there is a reduction in the per-hour profit

This leads to questions about trustworthiness and security!

It’s not clear that they are leasing several power banks in busy areas like office complexes and airports.

There are, however, some reviews that are positive.

The app promises good profits to its users. It is performing very well thus far, which suggests that the business owner can efficiently run the business and earn a profit.

The amount of their withdrawal into their bank account with no difficulty. The process is password-secured and the user must share their bank account details prior to they make their initial withdrawal.

In addition to the profit earned from personal investment, the user is able to earn additional money by referring more people to sign up for the application. Additionally, they can earn a an hourly minimum profit by investing their friends as well as levels 1 income or level 2 incomes.

Many users have reported financial stability by using the The Power Bank App throughout the lockdown phase.

Is Power Bank App Real or Fake?

The app is recent on the market and there are mixed reviews on the internet! It is possible to use the power bank app when you’re in need of cash. Start with a smaller amount, if you’re in a position to accept and manage risk. Continue to withdraw your entire wallet’s money whenever you can. Be aware that not all apps available on the Play Store are authentic and reliable. Businesses can remove their apps at any time from play store. This could result in losing money. It’s not a good idea to gamble with the money you’ve that you have saved for necessities like medical, education, etc.

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