The ultimate Guide To One Piece Filler List

One Piece Filler List

Some people like to follow the entire series and enjoy the entire experience, whereas some don’t like fillers and opt to ignore them completely. When it comes to One Piece Filler List , one of the longest-running but also the most renowned anime, this choice is crucial as the series is about to reach its 1000th episode and you could need to make an informed decision about whether you want to watch the entire series or only some episodes in a particular episode. This is the reason we created the One Piece Filler List for your convenience.

For those who have seen an anime and loved it, the method of getting through an extended anime is something that you’ll likely already be familiar with.

Why? It’s because of the use of fillers! Filler episodes are part of animated adaptations to manga with content that was not covered in the manga’s original version. One Piece Filler List episodes are the ones that aren’t included in the manga’s original edition.

It is not uncommon to see One Piece Filler List episodes to be added to anime due to practical reasons. When the manga is ahead of schedule or when the anime has been adapted to the stories to be published to this point, thus creating a bridge between the new manga stories and the original stories.

For you to determine the episodes that are fillers and canon We’ve created an extensive list of shows and a guide to watching One Piece Filler List.

The number of fillers are in one piece?

Ninety-two episodes are on One Piece, which places it among the top ten of the longest-running anime of all time. Ninety-nine episodes were identified as fillerepisodes, accounting for only 10.1 percentage of 982 episodes. This means that we can conclude the fact that One Piece scores relatively low in filler content, which is a good thing for those who don’t like watching filler programming on TV.

Is it possible to Reduce the use of one-piece fillers?

It’s a general issue since it could be used to apply to any anime show including One Piece, and therefore it isn’t limited to one particular series.

Filler episodes are those with content that can be cut in most instances. The subplots do not have any connection to the main storyline, and, therefore they have no impact on the story and the characters.

In actuality they’re standalone stories which you can view or skip through without feeling like you’ve missed anything.

You can certainly avoid filler episodes however, One Piece, unlike some other shows, has extremely good fillers. And we highly recommend that you take a look at at least one of the filler episodes, even if you don’t want to watch all of themprior to ending the show.

One Piece Filler List:

Episodes 54-61: Apis Arc

It’s often called”the” Warship Island Arc. This episode sees Luffy along with his crew help a young girl named Apis and Dragon Ryuji as they regain their flying abilities, and they also save them from marines. There are 8 episodes within this arc that is from episode 54 until episode 61.

Episodes 131-135: Alabasta arc

This arc begins when Luffy overcomes Crocodile as well as saves the land of Alabasta from being engulfed by the evil. It’s helpful if you watched these episodes because they are linked to Luffy according to my view.

Episode 136-138: Goat

After episode 135, there’s a lot of filler shows about an elderly man and his pet goat. For the old man the goat is all. But marines are too attracted by this goat. Luffy helps the elderly man to save his goat.

Episode 139-143: Rainbow Mist arc

The vessel of a straw-hat pirate arrived at the shores of Ruluka. The story is about an elderly man trying to discover the mysterious space-time rainbow mist that his friends from his youth were trapped.

A criminal former pirate and his grandson are determined for a way to profit from the situation. The events of this episode occur between episodes 139 and.

Episode 196-206: G-8 arc

The story began when Straw Hat’s vessel Going Merry falling from the sky however, it ended up in a marine base that was surrounded many large island rocks and was left with only one exit. Luffy and the other pirates have been hiding in various spots throughout the facility to gain access to the base.

Episode 220-224: Ocean Dream

These filler shows begin when the straw hats were getting close to reaching the water seven however, they forget their memories on the way. It is only Robin keeps her memory because she was not able to get enough rest the night prior to. Now it’s up to them to battle a mysterious creature to regain their memories.

There is also a fight with Luffy and Zoro during the episode. Be sure that you don’t be missing out on this story series.

Episode 225-226: Foxy Pirates Returns

The pirates who were foxy returned and they instantly formed an opposition to the straw-hat pirates.

Episode 336-335 Accino Family arc

The family was on an ice-covered island in which they set traps to pirates. They would then track them down and steal their treasure. Their father is fond in collecting flags of pirates which they love to do. The Aquino family is able to capture and steal their flag off of Straw Hat’s boat Sunny and is also detained.

Luffy On his own Luffy is totally ignorant of Luffy’s obliviousness to this. This is a depiction of Luffy’s crewmates’ efforts to get their flag back, without Luffy even knowing about it.

Episodes 382-384: Spa Island Arc

Following an arc of Thriller Park arch, Luffy and his crew travel to an island that is famous for its spa and rest. They meet two sisters who want to complete their father’s work. There were others who were interested in that study, too as well. Luffy was able assist them.

Episode 426-429: Little East Blue Island

It was the arrival of straw-hat pirates on the island put an end to evil schemes of Largo pirate. This episode is set between episodes 426 and 429 on the series.

Episode 575-578: Z’s Ambition

Vice-Admiral Momonga is believed to have kidnapped a innocent man. His daughter is now trying to save the kidnapper and has Luffy helping her efforts to get him back.

Episode 626-628: Ceasar Retrieval

In pursuit of Caesar out of Punk Hazard, Luffy and Law kidnap him and make a key for defeating Doflamigo as well as Kaido in the following fight. In this filler story Ceasar is kidnapped by an unknown assailant and Luffy and Law trying to bring his release. The arc began at the time of 626. It was completed in 628.

Episode 747-750: Silver Mine Arc

Luffy was reunited with Borthlomeo while traveling. Both were taken by the sea hunter group who were seeking their rewards. They have to get away from them in order to continue their journey.

Episode 780-782: Marine Rookie

This arc begins before the entire Cake Island story arc. Straw hats ran empty of food, so they decided to take one from a military base that they encountered they were on their way to collect Sanji off of Big Mom.

Episode 895-896: Carbonic Acid King

This is a listing of the fillers that currently appear in the show. Straw hats are on the journey to Wano and the ship’s cola supply has gone totally exhausted. In the end, they decide to replenish it on an island which is also the home of a soda manufacturing facility.

The person who owns the property is an ex-bounty hunter. Luffy also met Boa Hancock in the area. Both have been able to defeat bounty hunter and gained the supply of cola.

Episode 907: Wano Arc

The episode in question is the only filler for the Wano arch.

The One-Piece Fillers Are they worth your time?

Comparatively against other series, One Piece Filler List isn’t filled with fillers, as we’ve already stated. The question is whether they’re worthy of your attention. In terms of fillers, One Piece features some of the best and most intriguing ones within the realm of animation and some are amazing enough that you’d consider them canon even if it weren’t for reading the manga before.

On the basis of what we have said information above data, it’s evident the One Piece fillers are worthwhile and that you must at least go through the entire episode without going through the motions (unless otherwise noted).

Do you think it takes too a long time to view One Piece?

Beware If you’re planning on with One Piece from episode one to the present and follow the entire show through until the final.

One Piece first began airing in 1999, which is exactly 21 years ago and is currently at the end of its twenty-year run on TV anime. This is an amazing achievement We can’t not but admire the inventive way of thinking that has inspired the entire show.

We will utilize the latter amount when calculating because the average Episode of One Piece usually lasts between 22 to 24 minutes. According to the previous statement there were 940 episodes were broadcast on television since September 6 in 2020. And, what is that leaving us specifically?

There’s a total of 22,560 minutes of material to watch because the show has 940 hours with 24-minute duration each. If you were to binge-watch the entire show, it will take 376 hours, which is about 15 days plus 16 hours to finish the series. (Wishing everyone the very best luck! )

Why is this the rationale that explains the long length one piece?

The web is made up of a number of elements that are responsible for the longevity of One Piece as an entity.

Since it’s an ongoing manga, the creators wanted it to continue for the length of time it was well-known, and some are interested in reading it.

In addition, considering the popularity of it has increasing over time, not only in Japan but all over the globe , it’s just as reasonable that Eiichiro Oda creator of the manga has the time to and tell the stories that he wants to tell.

Another problem is that Oda’s story of pirates is quite long. Oda has a long and extensive story that contains numerous events in his head. The manga is on the rise and Oda is likely to complete the novel and see his ideas into reality because of it.

That’s it – those are the primary reasons One Piece is genuinely so long!

Is One Piece come to an close soon?

The answer depends on the definition you use that you want to define as “soon”. In the event that you think that Oda started his journey in 1997 and has been going on for over 23 years, then the answer is yes, it will be over in a short time. It could be a long time before the “soon” is here, so it’s not going be happening anytime in the near future, regardless of the fact that you might think otherwise.

Oda declared in 2018 that he was finished with approximately 80 percent of the story however, he left plenty of storylines. The issue of how One Piece would finish has been raised numerous times, and Oda has responded by declaring that he has a conclusion in his mind (the first conclusion) and plans to finish it but he also stated that he could modify the ending if viewers were anticipating how the story could end.

In a 2019 interview, Luffy revealed that the manga will complete the series by 2024 or 2025. He also suggests that we will have time to fully enjoy Luffy’s adventures both in manga and anime. You’ve come this far with us if you’re looking to know more about the upcoming demon season of slayers.

This concludes our discussion today. We hope that you enjoyed this article and that we could help you resolve your problem.

When the plot develops The One Piece filler list will be updated to reflect new episodes.

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