Windows 8.1 Generic Keys and Easily Install it

Windows 8.1 Generic Keys

In this post, we’re going to look at the Windows 8.1 generic keys and How to Install it. Let’s begin! Windows 8.1 is available as a free upgrade for everyone who is Windows 8 users, however it is not possible to install and download Windows 8.1 without the Windows 8 product key. There is a way over this restriction if you want to get an all-new installation on Windows 8.1.

Microsoft will also allow users access to windows 8.1 installation media using the Microsoft Windows 8.1 key. Therefore, we will demonstrate another way to install Microsoft Windows 8.1 installation media using the valid Windows 8 key.

Fix-It (Old Version)

The problem has to do with the Windows 8.1 product keys differ from Windows 8 product keys. It’s not possible to enter an Windows 8 product key into the Windows 8.1 installer, the same way the way you enter an Windows 7 product key into the Windows 8 installer. It is also impossible to install and download the original Windows 8 version. Windows 8 along with a Windows 8.1 product key.

It’s normal and is a good thing, but Windows 8.1 is not really an entirely different variant of Windows. It’s an upgrade that’s free to each Windows 8 user, so there’s no need to announce a new key system.

It’s the theory However. In reality, there’s actually a way to bypass this limitation. It is that the Windows 8.1 installer refuses to accept the Windows 8 product key and will not allow users the installation of Windows 8.1 with it. However, Windows 8.1 will accept the Windows 8 product key if you input it on the desktop following installation of Windows 8.1 — no we don’t know why it behaves in this way. If we could have a method to skip the key-instructions during the installation process , and then entering the key in later to install Windows 8.1 new. Fortunately, we have the ability to do this. It’s just a matter of changing windows 8.1 installation media to a degree.

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Windows 8.1 Generic Keys

Most of the occasions when you have to download Windows 10, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 8 for evaluation or testing using a virtual computer like VirtualBox for instance. You might not need to activate it on a regular basis using the valid product key you’ve used in a real computer. To accomplish this you could also make use of general key from Microsoft which will allow you to install the operating system. However, they won’t permit users activation. If you own an ISO image that has Windows Setup files then you are able to install the OS by using the generic key. If you’ve used Windows 7, you might remember that you could install it without having an actual key. Keys that are generic are available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 serve actually the same function.

The key that is generic is for Windows 10

There are two generic keys available on Windows 10. currently. One is for the basic edition while the second one is the Enterprise edition.

These keys are as they are:

  • Windows 10 Home:
  • Windows 10 Pro:
  • Also available for Windows 10 Home Single Language
  • Windows 10 Enterprise:

The key that is universal for Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has actually four distinct editions, which comprise Windows 8.1 RT, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro along with Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Let’s take a look at those universal keys for the basic as well as Pro versions for Windows 8.1:

  • Windows 8.1 standard/non-Pro edition:
  • Windows 8.1 Pro:
  • Additionally, Windows 8 Pro with Media Center:

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The key that is generic is for Windows 8

The RTM version for Windows 8 was also available in the following versions: Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

Make use of these product keys to access these keys:

  • Windows 8 standard or non-Pro edition:
  • Windows 8 Pro:
  • Additionally, Windows 8 Pro with Media Center:

Remember that these keys will only install Windows to test or evaluate for a brief period. It’s impossible to activate it until you have a legitimate key from Microsoft. If you choose to turn on your OS then you’ll need to alter the generic key to the key you bought.


Okay, that’s all Folks! I hope that you enjoy this post and will find it helpful. Let us know what you think about the article. If you’ve got any other questions related to this article. Please let us know via the comments below. We’ll be in touch with you in the near future.

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